Conquer Destructive Eating Habits, Overeating & Yoyo Dieting



Can't Control Your Eating?

Do you want to...

  • Stop Cravings & Snacking?

  • Control Unhealthy Eating Habits?

  • Stop "Dieting"?

  • Reduce Potion Size?

  • Be able to do this long-term, without worrying?

Do you want to be...

  • Happier within Yourself?

  • More Confidence and Energy?

  • Slimmer and Fitter?

  • More Active & Social?

  • Get Your Life Back?

Do you want to...

  • Stop Cravings & Snacking?

  • Control Unhealthy Eating Habits?

  • Stop "Dieting"?

  • Reduce Potion Size?

  • Be able to do this long-term, without worrying?

Do you want to be...

  • Happier within Yourself?

  • More Confidence and Energy?

  • Slimmer and Fitter?

  • More Active & Social?

  • Get Your Life Back?

Trying to "stick to" a diet long term can be a real challenge!

Have you noticed any of these...

Issue #1

I eat if I'm bored, tired, stressed or emotional

Issue #2

I get cravings, binge eat, and can't stop!

Issue #3

I overeat, large portions & beat myself up!

Chrissy lost 6 Kgs in just a few weeks!

“I’ve reduced 6 kgs, my clothes are looser and I’ve gone down a full dress size.

I’ve reduced my portion sizes by 50% AND stopped snacking.  

I have a much more positive mind now and have reset my mind around food and snacking. I used to have a muffin every day, I have stopped snacking except about once a month when I choose to share a muffin with my girlfriend.

 I really understand that I can do this now and I will get there (to my goal weight).  I’m very pleased with how (this training) has gone."

Chrissy P. Christchurch Results may vary

Jane was having similar issues until...

“After visiting the doctor,

I realized I needed to do something about my weight to improve my health.

I contacted Sue Wood and this was one of the best decisions I've made,

concerning my health, in years.

I could not believe, how little I needed to eat to feel completely satisfied!

I haven't even felt the need to snack between meals...

and another surprise was that I can still eat the things I like!

I've no desire to eat some foods I once couldn't resist. I'm so much more aware

now of when I've had enough, and I stop eating easily.

I now really enjoy my regular exercise. My knees and hips aren't hurting

the way they once did. I've also got more energy.

Sue is always so positive and makes me realize I am doing really well and I will

continue to do so.

Thank you, Sue, for your amazing support!"

Jane, Auckland Results may vary

Mel was getting more and more overweight...

“After asking a friend who'd lost weight where I could get this done, Sue Wood’s number was handed to me, and I called her.

I found out, this was so much more than just about weight loss! It was about changing my thoughts deep within and learning about why I over-eat! 

I realized this was a life-long journey and not a "quick fix”.

I’m now on the right track to success!  It was a lot more than just about food tho'. It was about breaking the destructive thoughts of failure inside my head, and ‘stuff-it’ thoughts that took some retraining!

I don’t feel hungry anymore, and I’m not reaching for the sweet food for energy. I get all I need from my three small meals a day! I walk my dog every morning and have plenty of energy! My negative thoughts around food have changed into positive ones. This really was all about changing my negative thoughts into positive.
I feel wonderful, positive, and definitely more confident to continue!  I will smash my goals. This has really been a journey of enlightenment, and being kind to myself is my main goal, the rest will follow! Thank you Sue!"

Mel G, Mum, Australia Results may vary

C found unbelievable energy, confidence and more...

“Hypnotherapy has helped me realize that I will... SUCCEED

and I got a higher benefit from the training than I expected.

It is a tool I highly recommend and credit highly! I have found unbelievable energy, confidence, drive, and passion for my life again. And the motivation

I feel now, to get on and live my life & achieve my goals, is great! 

I found this to be the ideal tool to assist me and give me the motivation to make healthier choices and get me closer to achieving my goals.

I no longer feel the need to finish the bag of biscuits as soon as they’re open!  

As an added bonus... I have even stopped chewing my nails, which I have done for about 20 years!*  

C. DeS, Argentina Results may vary

If you're over the frustration and emotional roller-coaster of

trying to lose weight and just want to get your life back

without all the dieting, etc. hassle...

Join me on my


and discover my:

3 Top Tips and the SECRET STRATEGY I USE

that most other diets and programmes do not include

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sue Wood - and I've been called "The Weight Loss Success Coach" by my clients.

Since 2014 I've had the privilege of helping people improve their health and wellness by helping them to stop emotional eating, cravings, snacking, binging, and yo-yo dieting. They've felt more in control, have reduced weight, have more confidence and energy, and are able to get their life back on track.

I explain how you can do the exact same thing on my FREE webinar and rid yourself of those unhealthy habits! Click ion the link to watch it now!

This is the specific process Laura went through to lose 10kgs in 11 weeks and Jenny lose 4.5kgs in 6 weeks! It also helped John lose 6Kgs in 8 weeks and has helped many others, just like you, to lose weight by doing just one thing... Stop Emotional Eating

This training, with me live, will help help you to stop those snacking, binging and food cravings which have blocked you from achieving your health and wellness goals... You can turn your life around!

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